Alice Blake

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Child Lazy Learning

Indeed, many factors that lead to difficult child to obey his parents, in which case you comply with your child to want to learn. Methods scold or force children to obey orders is actually a method that is not good because it will have an impact on the psychological development of the child in the long run.

Unfortunately you do not explain since when your daughter lazy learning, probably the method that is causing your daughter is so against your orders.

The second factor that may make your child is a little of your time fighting with him, it can cause resentment in children because you lack attention to it.

Whether we realize it or not your child is the fruit of your love and affection, so treat it with love is enough and do not make you a solid job as an excuse to make ends meet because you love him, because the material alone will not be enough to make your child a person who prides .

You try to organize your tasks at work and home carefully, set the time so that your tasks at work and your job as a mother to walk with balance.

You can spend your vacation time with your child. Show him that you love him so much not only by giving the material but also the form of attention and affection.

You can also take your time a little time to leave the office or when you get home with just to say hello, ask kedaannya, kissing her forehead when going to sleep or light things that do not require a long time that would indicate that you are very fond of her .

The most urgent and immediate need to do is communicate with it, find a suitable location and fresh, with whom he was speaking from the heart prudence, singkronisasikan your desire to desire in order to get the best solution and there is no distance between you and him. Similarly Invite your husband to discuss this.

Hopefully we get you advice from terapakan and rewarding for you. Teriring prayers of our daughter I hope you are having a change towards the better.